Unlimited pleasure

The intricate interplay between past and present, shaped by memories and cheerful curiosity, executed with focus and vision. When it comes to developing new taste sensations, there are no limits to Mitja Birlo's creativity. Free from ideology, he relies on variety and the highest quality. Always aiming to exceed expectations.

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Opening hours

Wednesday to Sunday, from 7 p.m.
Closed Monday and Tuesday


9 or 12 courses, from CHF 225 per person

The Tasting Menu at 7132 Silver

Ready for a unique culinary experience?

Rather than simply à la carte, the 7132 Silver Restaurant prefers to serve you a celebration of unique gastronomic experiences.

A surprise menu with up to 19 intense taste sensations in which Head Chef Mitja Birlo tells the story of his own culinary memories.

A fine balancing act between nostalgia and the avant-garde. In Mitja Birlo’s kitchen, you will find a combination of what may at first seem rather surprising.

Mitja’s journey has taken him all round the world, and it shows in the taste of his creations. Yet despite using techniques and ideas from faraway countries, his friendly relationships with local suppliers and producers are very important to him.

His culinary treasure trove is nature, here in the surrounding region of Vals and throughout Graubünden. On the steep slopes of the Vals valley, Birlo forages for local to make his dishes. Close by, in Cumbel, he gets fresh char from the glacial waters and local potatoes are grown in the Albula valley.

Whenever possible, he uses meat from herds fed with fresh grass and hay from the Vals mountains, while the organic vegetables are supplied by friends in Pratval.

Enjoy a surprising and unique culinary journey of discovery with the remarkably talented Mitja Birlo and his fine sense of taste and smell.